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CigFree Smart Band by iMorph Smart Health Technologies

CigFree Smart Band by iMorph Smart Health Technologies


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iMorph Smart Health Technologies was formed specifically to return personal health choices to people by combining existing smart wearable state-of-the-art technology that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated proven self-help psychology to assist people who want to eliminate or modify their undesirable health behaviors that place undue health and monetary burdens on their lives. iMorph Smart Health products become the de facto 24/7 personal health assistant that will be there every day supporting their choices to live healthier lives.


iMorph is the future of the burgeoning tele-health market. We intend to become the leader in the self-help, smart wearable health technology segment with our flagship product, CigFree SmartBand  smoking cessation solution and product lines that address issues such as: Smoking; Stress; Mental Fitness; Depression; Weight-Loss/Dieting/ Overeating; Inactivity; Sugar control; Diabetes.


iMorph Smart Technologies makers of...


 Cigfree SmartBand 

Patent Pending

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CigFree SmartBand

Introducing iMorph's New CigFree SmartBand

An all-natural healthy non-nicotine, non-drug, non-invasive affordable solution to Quitting Smoking.

Why CigFree SmartBand  over any other smoking cessation solution?


Watch TV commercials with delectable-looking microwave pizza and you want a pizza. But watch the Olympics — and you want to rush out and run, swim or ski. iMorph’s CigFree SmartBand relies on the same psychology. When you’re at your weakest, CigFree always alerts and reminds you of all the reasons you want to quit smoking in the form of affirmations: for your health; for your skin; for your friends; and so you will live to see your grandchildren. If smokers could force themselves to remember the importance of these things when they most want a cigarette, no one would smoke! But they can’t. At that moment, they are thinking only of the pleasurable part of their addiction. That’s where our new Smart technology comes in and sends to you, in your own voice, a personal message to yourself, relying on your proven healthy human instincts to kill the urge, rather than on drugs, pills, psychologists or nicotine substitutes.


Your choice of powerful and personal affirmations pass commands from your conscious to your subconscious mind to make it believe you will be healthy and liberated by choosing to quit smoking.
The subconscious mind has the ability, in anything it accepts as true, to do whatever it takes to turn it into reality. iMorph Smart Health specializes in making sure your messages are timed perfectly to address the problem at exactly the time you need it most.


CigFree SmartBand  detects when you are smoking and signals your smartphone to alert you with your awaiting prerecorded personalized self-help messages.

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Contact iMorph Smart Health

The goal of our team is to converge smart technology with self-help psychology to help stop or reduce undesirable behaviors afflicting millions of us, our friends and family we care for.

Everyone has something they want to change about themselves.


So ask yourself, what do I want to change?


Please tell us about your personal experience. We are happy to discuss or answer any of your concerns or questions, we are here to help you to help yourself.

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