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CigFree SmartBand
Patent Pending

Combines self-help psychology with today's wearable technologies to help smokers finally say 'goodbye' to cigarettes.

Affirmations, enable you to personally pass predetermined commands from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind and make it believe the message is true to achieve your goal---quitting smoking in this case. For example, rather than tell yourself as or before you smoke: I choose to stop smoking, you tell yourself, I choose to be healthy and young, I choose to put fresh air in my lungs, I like when people tell me I smell good, I’m happier when I can play with my children.

Smart WearableTechnology

CigFree’s Smart BandTM algorithms learn each smoker’s individual smoking gestures and habits in real time and becomes their personal health assistant, anticipating when they will smoke and alerts them with their personal positive affirmation messages in their own voice before or as they are smoking and most in need. Affirmations, enable smokers personally to pass predetermined commands from their conscious mind to their subconscious mind and make it believe the message is true to achieve their goals---quitting smoking.
CigFree performs 100’s of thousand mathematical calculations every second to detect the correct gesture from all non-smoking gestures such as eating and drinking which it also learns. iMorph has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to make CigFree unlike any other product in the market. 

Cigfree White band.001.jpeg


Answer your phone and listen to your chosen pre-recorded custom tailored messages privately while your in the act of smoking. 

Accelerometer and Gyroscope

Cigfree senses your arm movements each time you smoke.

"I didn't have to try to physically quit whatsoever, I just had to listen to my notifications each time I was in the act of smoking. 

Honestly, it surprised me how effective and effortlessly this was to finally quit. Now I can respect myself and not smell like smoke anymore."


B. Johnson, 33 year smoker.


Our CigFree Smart Band detects when you are smoking and calls your smartphone with an awaiting prerecorded personalized self-help message in your own voice.


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