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ADRIAN VARGAS: co-founder, CEO, began career in investment services. In 2005, began building smart home automation systems. For the past 10 years, he has built "Smart" automation systems for residential, commercial and hospitality which earned him "ACE" status.


YOUNIS ZUBCHEVICH: co-founder, President, following his MBA joined US international bank as VP and moved to Middle East. He joined a ME investment bank as head of investments. In 2000, Younis established his own investment banking firm in NY to fund early growth companies and moved it to Palm Beach, Fl. in 2003. Since 2006, he has built companies in conjunction with partners in areas of healthcare, tech and retail distribution.


PATHIK JAYANI: Co-founder, CTO, with a Master’s degree in engineering and information, systems and diverse experiences in business intelligence, data warehousing, analytics and product development, he is spearheading our technology development. Through his existing tech development company and team, he has also developed projects for Fortune 500 companies. His focus on human-machine user interface and design thinking correspond to our product rollout needs. He brings his entire team with him.


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